We love solving problems one video at a time, through storytelling and visual communication. Here at Vidi Studios we approach each project with a new set of eyes. Each project is a possibility and a chance to create something brilliant.

Besides, we never forget what is most important to us: conveying emotions.


Why Vidi?

We know that having your own business is a difficult endeavor, that is why we believe in communicating your vision through media. Whether you’re a dreamer, an innovator, an artist, or an entrepreneur, we will assist  you in crafting a message that is authentic to your brand.

Our Philosophy

We do our best to create something special for you whenever we start a new project.

Our commitment

We take great effort to make your videos just right for you and your viewers.

Our Honesty

We work greatest when we deal with clients who are honest with us, we are clear and honest with you in return.

What is Vidi Studios anyway?

Vidi Studios is a local digital media firm located in Edmonton, Alberta. We want to help you grow your business and attract more customers by using the power of new media. Check our services to see what we can do for you.

Vidi Studios is now specializing in video production, video editing and video creation. With some graphic design services on the side.

our past clients